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Tishan Precision Filter Material Co.,Ltd (TS FILTER) was founded in 2001 which is located in Hangzhou,China. Today, TS FILTER is one of the largest manufacturers in China who can provide the whole range of products for liquid and gas filtration, such as filter catridges, membrane, filter cloth, filter bags and filter housings. The products are widely used in pharmaceutical, food and beverage, chemicals, electronics, water treatment and other industries.



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TS @ Interphex Exhibition

Congratulations! Hangzhou Tianshan Precision Filter Material Co., Ltd(TS Filter) participated in the Interphex Exhibition at Jacob K. Javits, New York, USA from 21rst to 23th March 2017, with the aim of maximizing the curative effect and safety of filtered drugs. We are honored to meet with decis...

Application Analysis o...

Solid state drug Type: powder (granule), granule, tablet, capsule, dropping pill, film (patch) Process: wet granulation and dry granulation; Granulation requirements: aseptic treatment; Folding filter element use: sterile wetting agent and adhesive in wet granulation; Liquid medicines The size of...

Characteristics of pol...

Abbreviation :PP, a thermoplastic resin prepared by polymerization of propylene. According to the methyl group position is divided into three kinds: isotaetic PolyProlene, atactic PolyPropylene and syndiotatic PolyPropylene. Isotactic structure Syndiotactic structure Disordered structure   Feat...